Questions You May Ask

Who could be looking to purchase one of my paintings?

Are you questing for imagination? Looking for an original painting to draw attention to a particular wall of interest?

Are you seeking an unusual contemporary or abstract expression original painting in a vibrant palette to add more "punch" in a particular room?

Are you searching for an expressive original painting to bring harmony and balance in a personal or commercial setting?

Who normally purchases my art?

Hedge Fund Investors
First-time Collectors
Architects, Designers & Stagers
Spas & Medical Skincare Clinics Hospitals
Collectors of Helen Frankenthaler de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky
Restaurants & Hotels

What types of paintings do I paint most?

Vibrant strong colorful paintings.

What materials do I use for my artwork?

I use acrylic paints with enhancements; sand, gold flakes, thickening agents, glossy coatings, feathers, petite steel balls, etc.

What is my policy on commission paintings?

I charge a premium of 50% of the selling price.

Why is my art going to be a good investment for you?

My art is an excellent investment for your soul. Can you place a price tag on that?

I am commissioned for my one-of-a-kind energy inspired paintings. There is only one of me. I cannot recreate in exact content the original painting; once it is done you have an original forever.

Where has my work been displayed and exhibited?

My work has been represented by:
Marin-Price Gallery in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Angelico Gallery, Menlo Park, California

My work has been displayed in:
Niko Lighting Showroom
GC Café
Red Union Hair Salon
Voice of America
GTE Services Headquarters
Arriba Corporation, Inc.
Juniper Corporation, Inc.
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Where do I get my inspiration for painting?

I am tuned in, tapped in to Universal Energy. I feel, see and hear color in all things; the space between the architecture, the architecture itself, the curve of a glass ball, the light reflecting in the later afternoon sun on the back of a cat, the light playing on the leaves blowing in the wind or the power of a Samurai fighting defending his beliefs. My painting "The Tibetan Sunset" was inspired from the movie "The Last Samurai." My painting "Eternity" poured from my soul and my commission Tuscany came from feeling my client's love of Italy.

When would be the normal delay time when I order a Special Painting (commission work)?

The commission piece or pieces are dependent on my work orders already in progress, size of the painting or paintings and special materials to be ordered.

When am I likely to have more new works available?

You may check with me monthly by email and check my blog for updates. How can I pay for a painting? Cash, Check or Paypal


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Phone: 1.408.884.8824

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